BRANTFORD -- A dog that was abandoned in a Brantford home has been rescued after nearby residents heard it barking for days.

Neighbours of the west end home say they saw a family move out of a rented property on Monday, but left the dog behind.

"A couple of weeks ago we were over here dropping stuff off at one of the house and the dog was running out here aimlessly with no leash," said Corey Greene, who works in the area.

Concerns grew whether or not the dog had food, water, or if no one was coming back.

"I wanted to kick the door in but I couldn't," said neighbor Nichole Russell. "I had contacted the SPCA and they showed up Thursday morning. They told me they can't do anything for 24 hours because they have to give the owners a chance to come back."

Russell then posted on social media in hopes of find the former tenants.

Realtor MJ Kaur saw the post and used her resources to help.

"I saw who was the previous agent that listed the property, contacted the listing agent, and from there got the landlord's number," she said. "I got him to come down from Mississauga."

The pup, who neighbours say is named Karma, was rescued Friday afternoon by the province's animal welfare team along with the Brant County SPCA and Brantford police.

"It feels good," said Russell. "I mean, it's sad, but I feel happy."

The landlord of the home tells CTV News he has tried various ways to contact the previous tenants, but is unable to find them.

The Ministry of the Solicitor General says they are conducting an investigation into the matter.