A Guelph man is gaining online popularity for scratching and sampling during his walks around the Royal City.

The DJ and dad does it all through his controller and speaker, which are secured to a stroller.

"And when you put it together, we call is the ConStroller," said the DJ who goes by Marty McFly.

dj dad

He's been riffing and rewinding since his 20s and 30s. Now, as a new dad in his 50s, he wanted a way to share that passion with his newborn son and fans during the pandemic.

"I wanted to combine a couple things that I love – playing music, walking and hanging out with my son," McFly said. "A lot of the nightclubs were obviously shut down along with a lot of other things so this really gave me an opportunity to find a way to play music for people."

So he decided to walk around different parts of the city while streaming his stroller sessions.

"I've developed an online audience and people are watching online and wondering where I'm going to go next," he said.

dj dad

Online, the beats are at full blast through the streams. Outside, it's a much lower volume, especially when his son tags along.

"He is my world. It's all I really want to do right now – take care of him and be a dad," said McFly.

With his son now in daycare, the stroller sessions are still a go even when McFly is solo.

"Off the grid, we're having fun, we're in the middle of nowhere. Mosquitoes are dancing and hopefully the people I meet are dancing too," he told CTV News, while standing in a forest.

It's a constant reminder that his beats are far beyond the walls of bars whenever a neighbour or cyclist passes by to say "hello" or inquire about his unique contraption.

So next time you're in Guelph and hear music getting closer, listen up, because it may be Marty.