A controversial development has been given the green light by Cambridge council.

Last August, a pond was drained and fenced off to make way for a new development.

The move sparked backlash from some residents who say they weren’t informed about the changes.

At the time, Cambridge council pressed pause on the project, but on Tuesday night it was approved.

“We had heard from the senior planner this evening that all the approvals are in place, that all of the issues the neighbourhood has brought up over the last several years have been addressed, from the tree management plan to the flood lines,” explained Cambridge Mayor Kathryn McGarry.

The vote was in favour of the project 8-1.

The plans for the new subdivision include a stream and a trail system that the city says will help connect to other trails, transportation and amenities in the future.

After the decision was made, one delegate says he was shocked that the plan had been approved.

“The walking trail adds to that level of danger because it narrows the amount of flood plain,” says Alex Taylor.

A 2004 watershed study prompted the decision to turn the pond into a stream, but residents of the Hunt Club Valley neighbourhood called foul, saying they had never been notified.

Cambridge planning committee documents indicate otherwise, showing that public meetings had been held to discuss the development.

The developer has until May 2020 to complete the work.