Kelsey Felker’s family members and friends sat crying in a Kitchener courtroom today as details of her gruesome murder and dismemberment were disclosed.

More than three years after being arrested in connection with the death of Kelsey Felker, Stephen Johnson has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

According to the agreed statement of facts read in court Monday, Johnson and Felker first met in late December 2012 when the two engaged in a prostitution transaction.  They texted, called and saw each other a number of times in the following weeks, many times meeting up at a location of Felker’s choosing.

“What he wanted was to make a life with her," said Johnson's lawyer, James Marentette.

On the night of Jan. 17, Felker visited Johnson’s apartment on Frederick Street in Kitchener.  A group of crack dealers came to the apartment and sold Felker cocaine.  Johnson, who had been consuming an increasing amount of crack since meeting Felker, got into an argument with her and became enraged.

Johnson struck her in the left cheek bone.  He then grabbed her by the throat and held her for an uncertain amount of time, until he realized that she was no longer struggling.

Before leaving for his 4 a.m. shift, he moved her body to the balcony.  The temperature dropped to -10 C that night.

A few days later, Johnson began the process of dismembering Felker's body. 

Her severed torso was found in a dumpster outside Johnson’s apartment building. Other remains were later found near Chicopee and Woodside Park in Kitchener.  Johnson was arrested about two weeks after Felker's death.

Crown Attorney Paul McDermott says “The nature of the offence is difficult to put into works… it’s as brutal conduct imaginable.”

Felker’s brother Craig Cunningham shared his victim impact statement which in part said “Knowing there are still some of Kelsey’s remains out there somewhere, is a very haunting fact to our family to say the very least.  How can anyone be at peace know that?  Kelsey was a daughter, mother, aunt, sister and friend.  She is and forever will be, dearly missed by all who knew her, including her five children who will never have the chance to.”

Johnson has been sentenced to life in prison, ineligible for parole for 12 years, based on recommendations from the lawyers.