There was a buzz in the air in Cambridge on Saturday, as crews from one of the biggest hit shows on television returned to the city.

Members of the cast and crew of Designated Survivor were in the Galt core to film a scene for their season finale.

While series star Kiefer Sutherland wasn’t present, co-star Maggie Q was.

Producer Llewellyn Wells said they were working on a scene in which Q’s character “has gone to find someone who she’s been asked to take care of … and also track down her nemesis, who’s a Russian double agent.”

All of Designated Survivor is shot in Ontario. Cambridge has been a regular location for the show, although it is used to stand in for other locales – in this case, a small town outside London, U.K.

Dozens of people watched Saturday’s filming, including Carol Jackson, who said she goes out of her way to watch the show when she knows she might see local landmarks.

“I just love coming down and watching and seeing how they’re put together because when you’re watching them on television, you don’t even think of that stuff,” she said.

Designated Survivor’s season finale airs in May.