KITCHENER -- Demolition is nearly done at the site of the former Schneiders plant in Kitchener after it was delayed for more than a year.

Construction of The Metz development is expected to start next summer and continue for the next 10 years.

Wade Gayowsky with Stonerise Construction said demolition was supposed to last for 10 months starting back in May 2018. However, it stopped in June 2019 after a disagreement with the demolition contractors. Finding new crews during the pandemic led to further delays, but work started again in October.

"It took a little over a year to get that all sorted out," Gayowsky said.

He anticipates the demolition will be done by January, and construction will start in June.

Some residents in the area said they've gotten used to the noise, dirt and dust during demolition, but won't miss it and are looking forward to the finished project. Some said it will be an improvement to the site and a positive feature for the area. However, Gayowsky said it could take about 10 years to complete.

The City of Kitchener will need to approve a site plan and consult with residents before anything is built.

"Community members, internal staff and external agencies all provided comments that need to be addressed through the planning application process," said Garret Stevenson, senior planner with the city. "We're still working through those issues and we hope to be bringing a recommendation forward to council in early 2021 after we have a chance to circle back with the residents."

Community consultation is expected to take place in early spring. Gayowsky said residents can expect minimal disruption during construction, since demolition is the loudest part of the process.