KITCHENER -- Delivery companies recommend sending Christmas cards or parcels in the mail in the next week so they make it to their destination on time.

Christmas is three weeks away and Sue Nally is prepared for her festivities. She was able to get some items in the mail just days after she placed her order.

"We were expecting delays, but so far everything is just arriving so quickly," she said while picking up her package.

Canada Post expects this holiday season will be busier than ever and officials said it's ramping up a week earlier than usual.

"That's 3 million parcels within a 48-hour period, so we're delivering at a high rate," said Jon Hamilton with Canada Post.

Canadians are encouraged to shop and ship early this year.

"If you want to save a little bit of money, the earlier the better," Hamilton said. "Plus, you give yourself a better peace of mind."

As for people shipping outside of Canada, Hamilton said it might already be too late.

"That's because there's less air traffic in the air these days, which means it takes a little longer for items to get around the globe," he said.

FedEx is also expecting a shipping surge over the holidays. Officials said they've increased the number of employees from 7,500 in June to more than 10,000 in December.

Canada Post said shoppers should read retailer shipping details to make sure they know if they can get their parcels on time for Christmas.


Anyone shipping through FedEx Ground needs to have their package sent no later than Dec. 14.

FedEx Economy customers need to have packages sent by Dec. 21. Standard Overnight shipping should be sent by Dec. 22, and Priority Overnight has a deadline of Dec. 23 for a Christmas arrival.

As for Canada Post, people should ship before Dec. 18 for regular local parcels. Regionally, regular parcels need to be in the mail between Dec. 15 and 17. Regional and local shipping has a cut off of Dec. 21 for Priority or Xpress Post.

Anyone shipping nationally needs to have regular parcels sent between Dec. 9 and 16. Xpress Post needs to be sent by Dec. 18 and Priority by Dec. 21.