Several hours into their deliberations, jurors have yet to return a verdict at the trial of Xhevahir Myftari.

Myftari has admitted to stabbing Julia Vlashi 19 times, causing the death of his 44-year-old sister-in-law in August 2012.

He has pleaded not criminally responsible for the attack, saying he was guided by hallucinations and voices.

At the time of the killing, Myftari was living with Vlashi and her husband at a home in Rockwood.

Vlashi, the trial has heard, would remind Myftari to take medication for a schizophrenic disorder he was first diagnosed with in 2004, and wanted his dosages increased – neither of which sat well with the now-38-year-old Myftari.

Myftari’s lawyers have suggested that he may not have been taking any medication at the time of the attack, which occurred as Vlashi spoke to family members via Skype.

Forensic psychiatrists called as witnesses by the Crown testified that in their conversations with Myftari days after Vlashi’s death, he never once mentioned experiencing hallucinations.

Deliberations began early Wednesday afternoon.