KITCHENER – Elections Canada confirms that there are issues at a number of polling stations in Guelph.

Officials tell CTV that the issue is likely at a number of polling stations near the University of Guelph.

Those stations are reportedly overwhelmed by students, most of whom have to register.

They're doing that now, but in the meantime, lines for other voters are held up.

Elections Canada says that at 9:30 p.m., all voters outside of the polls will be brought in and still get the chance to vote.

It’s not yet known whether the delays will impact voting results or by how much.

There are nine candidates running in Guelph.

Lloyd Longfield is the Liberal incumbent that is up against Conservative Ashish Sachan, NDP’s Aisha Jahangirl and Green Party’s Steve Dyck

Longfield was first elected in 2015 with close to 50 per cent of the vote.

Other candidates in the riding include People's Party candidate Mark Paralovos, Gordon Truscott of the Christian Heritage Party and Juanita Burnett of the Communist Party. Kornelis Klevering and Michael Wassilyn are running as two independent candidates.