The Cambridge Multiplex location issue took another step towards resolution on Thursday night. Residents had the opportunity to speak to council and the group tasked with making recommendations on where it should end up.

But that decision will likely still be months away.

The task force currently has a list of around 30 possible sites. They plan to narrow that down to three or four preferred sites which will be presented to council in late November.

“I think the thinking was council would get the report but probably not actually deal with it in early December,” says Chris Smith, chair of the Multiplex Task Force. “First thing in the new year, possiblymultiplex through a special council meeting, just deal with that subject matter.”

This all comes after council’s original preferred site near Conestoga College was strongly opposed by Cambridge residents. Despite that opposition, the site is still in the running.

“Council didn’t reject the Conestoga site,” says Smith. “What they did was they said we’ll defer consideration of it.”

The next meeting of the task force is on Tuesday, October 18th at 4 p.m. in council chambers at Cambridge City Hall.

With reporting by Tyler Calver