One of the most well known people in the Shakespeare area, and in the world of Canadian antiques, has died.

Jonny Kalisch, owner of Jonnys Antiques, died Saturday at the age of 86.

He had been in hospice care, following a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

“He was truly a character. People loved it,” said Brian Campbell, a co-owner of Glen Manor Galleries, citing behaviours like wearing lederhosen in the summer and constantly smoking.

“They came to see not just the antiques, but to see Jonny.”

In fact, Campbell says, Kalisch was the reason Campbell ultimately opened his own antique store – just a few doors down from Jonnys.

As its name implies, Jonnys Antiques was a go-to source for all things historical – furniture, art, ornamental pieces and more.

At one point, Kalisch and partner James Bisback owned shops in Shakespeare, Bayfield and Toronto.

“They were the largest and most important store in the country,” Campbell said.

“I don’t know of anyone with the knowledge that they had in the early furniture and porcelains.”

Jonnys Antiques will remain open until the end of May.

No decision has been made regarding the future of the business past that point.

Funeral information has not been made public.