The jury has reached a deadlock at the Michael Schweitzer murder trial in Stratford.

Deliberations began at 9:00 am on Saturday morning.

Schweitzer is accused of first degree murder and attempted murder relating to the 2012 death of Nicole Wagler and the shooting of Tyler Baker in Milverton.

Justice Thomas Heeney informed the seven-man and five-woman jury to keep deliberating.

If the jurors can’t reach a consensus in a reasonable amount of time, the judge has the authority to discharge the jury.

A lot of evidence has been presented in court, including pages of text messages between Michael Schweitzer and Nicole Wagler. On Friday, jurors requested a video of the interview police did with Tyler Baker in the hospital following the shooting.

Over fifty people between the Wagler, Baker and Schweitzer families are currently waiting at the courthouse to hear Schweitzer’s fate.