The Daniel P. Reeve fraud trial has heard from a number of witnesses with stories about the effects the financier’s alleged misdeeds had on their personal lives.

A similar story was painted Thursday – by Reeve’s own brother.

David Reeve was on the witness stand for the third straight day, being cross-examined by defence lawyer Mary Cremer.

He claimed that his wedding day was nearly ruined because his photographer’s mother had not received money promised by Daniel P. Reeve.

Court heard that David Reeve’s wedding photographer cancelled their booking the day before the wedding, citing unpaid interest payments to their mother.

An impromptu meeting was held at the Jakobstettel Inn, a property in St. Jacobs which Reeve often touted to investors.

During that meeting, Daniel P. Reeve promised to pay the interest within three weeks.

“I thought I brokered a deal,” David Reeve testified.

“Daniel did not hold up his end of the bargain.”

The cross-examination is expected to end Friday, after which the trial will be adjourned until February 2016.

Daniel P. Reeve has pleaded not guilty to fraud charges.

He’s accused of swindling $10 million from 41 investors.