The lawyer for Ron Cyr, who was convicted of murder in the death of his wife Nadia Gehl, says his client has filed a notice of appeal.

Attorney Devin Bains says the request was filed for a number of reasons, including some of the evidence allowed at the trial.

Cyr, along with Zdenek ‘Dennis’ Zvolensky and Nashat Qahwash were each convicted of first degree murder in April in connection with the 2009 shooting death.

Gehl, 28, was shot to death as she walked to a bus stop near her home in Kitchener on her way to work.

Prosecutors contended that Cyr planned the killing for insurance money and to keep an affair he was having a secret.

Zvolensky and Qahwash were fingered as the ones who carried out the shooting.

More than 50 witnesses were called during the course of the trial as well as evidence including undercover audio and video recordings.

As the trial proceeded, defence attorneys filed a number of mistrial applications, all of which were denied by the judge.

A motion to hold separate trials for each defendant was also denied at the beginning of the trial.

Zvolensky has already filed a notice of appeal, while the lawyer for Qahwash says his client also intends to file.

All three men are currently serving life sentences.