Ron Cyr returned to the stand for a seventh day of testimony, as lawyers for the co-accused and the Crown prosecutor suggested motives and disputed his claims of innocence.

Cyr, Zdenek ‘Dennis' Zvolensky and Nashat Qahwash have each pleaded not guilty to first degree murder in the 2009 shooting death of Cyr's wife Nadia Gehl.

On Friday Crown prosecutor Fraser Kelly questioned Cyr about a text sent to Zvolensky the day before the shooting that read "Can you play ball on Tues? The game is at 840."

That is about the time Gehl was shot and killed as she walked to work, but Cyr insisted he was asking Zvolensky to take his place at a basketball game.

Kelly pressed Cyr saying it was a coded message and Cyr was setting a soldier in motion to kill his wife.

Again Cyr said no, that was not the case.

Earlier on Friday also on the topic of motive, Kelly had accused Cyr of organizing the killing of his wife and offering the co-accused a share of her life-insurance policy.

Cyr denied the statement, but admitted he knew he would lose his job at the Gehl family's law firm if they learned about his affair.

Kelly also alleged Cyr knew he would lose his home and car, and be left with half the debt if Gehl divorced him over the infidelity, but Cyr replied he didn't know about marital law.

Earlier this week, a lawyer for one of the co-accused said Cyr's story about being blackmailed into silence about the murder was preposterous and made-up, but Cyr denied that claim as well.

During questioning on Thursday by Adam Newman, the lawyer for Qahwash, Cyr denied that he lied for self-preservation.

He also denied allegations that signing away his rights to Gehl's life insurance policy the day before his testimony was to begin was to get rid of the $500,000 motive for murder.

Instead, Cyr claims he did it to show the jury what was in his heart.

Cyr has also denied allegations that the murder was timed for Feb. 2 because that was the day Gehl would have gotten test results showing she had herpes, which could only have come from Cyr and would have revealed his affair.