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CTV Kitchener is moving!

UPDATE: CTV Kitchener has officially moved into its new building. Click here to find out more.

After decades of broadcasting from our studios at King Street West, the CTV Kitchener team is moving to a new building in the south end of the city.

Our news programs at noon, 5, 6 and 11:30 will begin broadcasting from the new studio next week.

On Friday, the team was rehearsing on our new set.

Rehearsals at CTV Kitchener's new studio on Nov. 3, 2023.

The new station will house CTV News Kitchener, Virgin Radio, and Bounce Radio – all under one roof.

“We’re moving two or three generations ahead of everybody else,” says Lane Steinhauer, director of broadcast innovations at CTV News. “We’re going to modern editing system, going to modern camera systems. It’s the latest of everything.”

For the first time, we'll we working with our colleagues at Virgin Radio and Bounce Radio under the same roof. (CTV Kitchener)

It comes nearly 70 years after CKCO-TV first opened at our current location on King Street West.

“The move into the state of the art new building, together with our colleagues and friends at Virgin Radio and Bounce Radio is really energizing for the newsroom,” says CTV Kitchener News Director Dan Cress. “I think it just reinforces our commitment to live, local breaking coverage of the stories that matter most.”

The new station offers a leap in technology and features, which will allow us to broadcast live like never before.

“The current facility we’re in… we go live from studios that are a set space for just going live. In the new place, we can go live from anywhere in the building,” explains Randy Jacobs, regional operations manager at Bell Media.

In a nod to the location's history, the original LuLu’s sign is proudly displayed in our new space. (CTV Kitchener)

As for the new building, it’s located in the plaza where LuLu’s Roadhouse – otherwise known as “the world’s longest bar" – used to stand. CTV Kitchener is holding onto a piece of the past as we build for the future, with the original LuLu’s sign proudly displayed in our new space.

“We’re going to look a little different while we’re in the move and transition period, but we can’t wait to welcome viewers into our new home just as they’ve been welcoming us into theirs,” says Cress. Top Stories

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