Victoria Stafford's keepsakes may soon end up on the auction block.

Home videos, handwritten notes, favourite clothes and toys are among the items.

Stafford is the eight-year-old Woodstock girl who was brutally raped and murdered 10 years ago.

Her mother, Tara MacDonald, has kept fairly private since.

MacDonald says she's encountered difficulties in the past year that have made it difficult to pay for the storage unit where she keeps all of her daughter's personal belongings.

"They said if you don't pay for your storage unit, then they put it out to auction. Well somebody's going to just look at that and think that's garbage," MacDonald says.

She adds that those items are the most important things she owns.

MacDonald is doing her best to move on, but is still triggered by everyday items that were a part of her daughter's case.

"Make sure that there's never a hammer in my presence. I can't even walk down that aisle in Home Depot. I can't be present around green garbage bags. They have to be black because of evidence that was in the courtroom," she adds.

MacDonald owes more than $1,000 to the storage company and is reaching out to family and friends for help.

"We are certainly compassionate to [Ms. Macdonald's] personal situation. We have been flexible with [Ms. Macdonald] since we started doing business together and will most definitely continue to work with her until this situation is resolved," said Anthony Cavalin, vice-president operations of Cubeit Portable Storage, in a statement.

The company didn't want to discuss the matter further for privacy reasons.