The RCMP say they’ve arrested two Kitchener men who were operating as “high-level drug dealers” following a six-month investigation.

Trevor Ballard and Thomas Crystal were arrested Thursday evening in Cambridge. According to the RCMP, the arrests came after Ballard was seen entering Crystal’s vehicle near the Riverside Park baseball grandstand.

At the time of the arrests, Ballard was allegedly wearing a knapsack containing about 250 grams of heroin and 530 grams of crystal meth.

The RCMP say they also seized $3,580 in cash from the pair.

Around the same time, residents of Robert Ferrie Drive in south Kitchener started seeing police cars pull up on their street.

Lights were on inside the house through the night and into the morning, while police officers were seen walking in and out of the building.

By 6 a.m. Wednesday, neighbours say, there were about eight police vehicles in the area. The police presence dwindled as the morning went on, and vanished entirely by noon.

An RCMP spokesperson said that the house officers were focused on belongs to Ballard.

Ballard and Crystal face charges of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of property obtained by crime.

They are both expected to appear in court on Friday.

With reporting by Allison Tanner