A sentencing hearing took place Wednesday for a Waterloo man who killed his father at a long-term care home at Kitchener.

Ronald Morgan McCabe was found dead in March 2016 at the AR Goudie long-term care home. There was blood around his nose and lips, and a white towel had been stuffed into his mouth. Autopsy results pegged suffocation and asphyxiation as his causes of death.

McCabe had been living at the home for six years, after suffering a stroke. His condition had steadily deteriorated. By 2016, he was unable to consume food orally or leave his bed, and could only communicated with thumbs-up and thumbs-down gestures.

McCabe’s son Adam McCabe, who was originally charged with second-degree murder, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection with the case.

During the sentencing hearing, court heard that Adam McCabe visited his father regularly, suffered from issues with mental health and alcohol addiction, and has been taking anti-psychotic drugs since his arrest.

Workers at the home told police that Adam McCabe tried to keep them out of his father’s room on the night of the death. After Ronald Morgan McCabe was found dead, Adam McCabe was seen leaving the room, swearing as he walked down a hallway.

McCabe did speak during the hearing, apologizing for his actions and saying he thought he was carrying out his father’s wish.

His lawyer asked the judge to sentence McCabe to three to five years in prison.

The Crown countered with a request for a 10-year sentence, arguing that McCabe had a history of criminal actions prior to 2016 and that the case is not an example of a compassionate killing.

A sentence is expected to be handed down next week.

With reporting by Max Wark