The Nadia Gehl murder trial continued Monday in a Hamilton court with the Crown laying out motive for the murder.

The jury heard more testimony about an alleged affair between Ronald Cyr, Gehl's husband and one of his co-workers.

The Crown also detailed the shaky financial situation of the victim and her husband.

Last week, the court was told about an affair between Cyr and a fellow co-worker at the law officer where they worked. And it seems Nadia had suspicions about her husband.

Monday a witness told the court, Nadia suspected her husband was having an affair and she took home a book called ‘The Truth about Cheating.'

The Crown played an intercepted phone conversation between Cyr and Michelle Brown. The call was recorded in July 2009. During the conversation, Brown called Cyr "sweetheart" and "babe." Both said they loved each other.

There was also testimony about the couple's financial picture. Nadia told a co-worker things were tight financially. A banker testified the couple had a $182,000 mortgage and that Nadia owed $25, 000 on a line of credit. Their bank accounts were small and dwindling.

The Crown also mentioned that Cyr was the sole beneficiary to Nadia's half million dollar insurance policies.

Nadia worked two part-time jobs at a toy store and an animal clinic.

Nadia died after being shot twice, one in the head and once in the chest, in February 2009 while walking to a bus stop near her Kitchener home.

Ronald Cyr, along with Zdenek Zvolensky and Nashat Qahwash are charged with first degree murder.

Last week, Nadia's father Nick Gehl, testified he fired Cyr after police told him about the affair. Cyr worked as an assistant at the Gehl and Gehl Law Firm.