Lawyers for the Crown began their cross-examination of Ager Hasan on Friday, as the Kitchener second-degree murder trial wraps up its third week.

Hasan has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend Melinda Vasilije.

The last two days of the trial have seen Hasan take to the stand to give his account of what happened the night Vasilije died.

The jury previously heard Vasilije was found dead in her Kitchener Country Hills apartment in April 2017, with 47 stab wounds found on her body.

On Friday, the Crown started with a focus on the timeline beginning around April 3, 2017 – about three weeks before Vasilije was found dead.

This was also the day the couple broke up for the last time. Court heard how Hasan drove from Hamilton to Vasilije’s apartment.

Hasan spoke about being incredibly frustrated and extremely concerned she was cheating on him.

The jury heard that when Hasan arrived on the night of April 3, he mistakenly thought the brother of Vasilije’s roommate was an unknown romantic rival, and a fight broke out.

On Thursday, court heard Hasan say that Vasilije attacked him in a fit of rage after he confessed to cheating on her on. He then said he blacked out as he stabbed her over 40 times – only remembering the first two times he stabbed her.