A former crossing guard appeared in court Wednesday on the accusation that she used social media to lure a 15-year-old boy.

Christina Norsworthy, 30, was arrested Tuesday. She’s now charged with one count of luring a child.

Waterloo Regional Police say she and the teenager were communicating on social media, having already known each other through Norsworthy’s work as a crossing guard.

Eventually, they claim, the two agreed to meet in person.

“The victim became uncomfortable and alerted his parents, which was the right thing to do,” said police spokesperson Alana Holtom.

The alleged luring was “sexual in nature,” Holtom said.

A spokesperson for the City of Cambridge said that Norsworthy worked for them as a crossing guard during the previous school year.

Police say they don’t typically release information about the employment of an accused person, but did in this case because Norsworthy’s position put her in contact with children.

“There is potential that … there (could) be additional victims,” Holtom said.