KITCHENER -- Construction season on the roads, can be a source of frustration but planning ahead can help.

We’ve asked the Tri-Cities and the Region of Waterloo for a heads up of which construction projects may be the most disruptive to drivers.

City of Waterloo:

City of Waterloo Design and Construction Manager, Dan Ditaranto says about $12 million of road work is to be completed this season.

Projects that commuters will likely notice the most include those that involve underground work.

  • Larch Street, from Balsam Street to Hickory Street: Beginning spring 2021 to summer 2021
  • Alexandra Avenue, from Westmount Road to Lourdes Street: Beginning spring 2021 to fall 2021
  • Mackay Crescent, from Weber Street to Alvin Street: Beginning spring 2021 to fall 2021
  • Longfield Drive, from Westmount Road to Shakespeare Drive: Beginning spring 2021 to fall 2021

City of Kitchener:

Engineering and Construction Manager for the City of Kitchener, Chris Spere, says the city has tendered approximately $39 million of work for 2021. The larger projects include the Old Mill Sanitary Pumping Station, the reconstruction of the Sydney Street, Delta Street and Maurice Street area, as well as the joint reconstruction of Thaler Avenue, Southhill Drive and Windom Road.

As for the projects that will be the most disruptive to commuters, building the downtown cycling network will likely cause the most inconvenience.

  • The Downtown Cycling Network, mainly impacting Joseph Street, Queen Street, Water Street: Beginning end of April 2021 to fall 2021
  • Mill Street, from Ottawa Street and Borden Parkway: Already begun, until early August. Full closure with exception of local traffic
  • Franklin Street North between Weber and Ottawa: Already begun, until early August. Rolling closures and lane restrictions
  • Webster road: Beginning May 1 to mid June. Full closure with exception of local traffic

City of Cambridge:

The Director of Engineering for the City of Cambridge, Kevin Deleebeeck says the most disruptive projects will be on a handful of local residential streets where major re-construction is necessary

“Most of which includes replacement of all the underground infrastructure and then replacement of the road corridor. Some of which includes widening of the roadways to accommodate cycling facilities and new sidewalks.”

  • Salisbury Avenue, from Grand Avenue to Highland Public School: Beginning April 5, 2021, ending roughly Sept. 1 2022. Rolling closures.
  • Dover Street, from King Street to Moore Street & Hamilton Street, from Eagle Street to Dover: Beginning March 30, 2021. Full closure with exception of local traffic
  • Sheldon Drive: Beginning July 5, 2021, one-way traffic to be maintained
  • Center Street and Short Street: Beginning May 10, 2021. Full closure with exception of local traffic
  • Millvue Street and Rooshill Avenue

Deleebeeck says the city is also working with the Ministry of transportation to continue work on the Highway 401 Hespeler Road overpass.

“They are doing that over two years. Replacing one bridge and then the next bridge the following year.”

Region of Waterloo:

  • Fisher-Hallman Road, from Rockwood Rd to Bleams Road: April 15, 2021 – May 3, 2022 – Partial Closures
  • Ottawa Street, from Fischer-Hallman Road to Alpine Road
  • King Street (University to Central)
  • Weber Street (from King to Northfield Drive W)

“We have about 25 major projects planned across the region. Some of the larger ones are continuing from last year,” Director of Design and Construction for the Region of Waterloo, Phil Bauer said.

The Region lists more details and deadlines on their website.

An interactive map is also available for current projects.