There’s a small school in Kenya where the Canadian flag is proudly displayed.

That’s because students at Wilfrid Laurier University are helping to make a difference by raising money for Cows for Kenya.

Last year they raised $750 to build a classroom at the school, buy gifts and food.

The idea to forego a gift for a friend here in Canada can make a huge difference for a new friend in Kenya.

WLU Student Frances Norman says putting money you would normally spend on a ‘Secret Santa’ gift can make a huge difference a world away. “It goes so much farther when you put it toward something like this.”

The goal is to raise enough money to buy a cow or perhaps even two for the kids in Kenya.

“It’s your coffee money or the money you’ll spend on a pack of gum every week so it’s just that little bit.” Sonja Kosart, WLU student says.

It’s an important project that will make a difference.

“All the students that are involved are definitely heroes. To be able to motivate yourself like that it’s really a selfless act.” says Justin Hummel, co-ordinator Cows for Kenya.

If you want to help the students at WLU with this project look under the Links and Numbers tab on this website.