KITCHENER -- An outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared at Brantford General Hospital.

Five health care workers have tested positive for the virus; they’re now at home in self-isolation. One patient also has the COVID-19.

The outbreak is in the Palliative and Complex Care Unit, which is now closed to new admissions.

The Brant Community Healthcare System says it used contact tracing to try to determine how many patients and other staff members may have been infected.

“Contact tracing is the process of following up with who those staff members may have been in contact with, and patients” said David McNeil, the president and CEO of the Brant Community Healthcare System. “We look 48 hours back to when those individuals might have had contact.”

Brantford General Hospital is taking measures in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.

“We’re restricting visitors. We have designated visitors on palliative care units and those visitors have to wear a mask,” said McNeil. “The staff in the organization are all wearing masks now.”

McNeil also tells CTV News that screening criteria is also being expanded.

The BCHS says it will continue to closely monitor the situation.