KITCHENER -- Officials from the Region of Waterloo are scheduled to provide an update on COVID-19.

A media briefing is planned for 11:30 a.m. Monday. You can watch it live in the video player above when it starts.

Two additional briefings will be held at the same time on Wednesday and Friday.

During the news conferences, public health officials provide the latest on guidance from the Ontario government.

Over the weekend, Premier Doug Ford encouraged all residents to get tested if they want to, in an effort to get the province back to its daily testing goal of 20,000.

Days before, the region's Acting Medical Officer, Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang, had said that the region didn't plan on expanding testing to asymptomatic people unless the province said to.

It's not clear if or when the premier's words will change the testing strategy in Waterloo Region.

St. Mary's General Hospital President Lee Fairclough told CTV over the weekend that all five of the region's testing centres are fully-staffed and have spots available for testing.

She says that, while testing and tracing are an important part of fighting the virus, residents need to continue to be vigilant with the other public health measures in place.

Residents must make an appointment to get tested, but each of the locations is now accepting self-referrals.

As of Monday's reporting, 15,636 tests have been completed in Waterloo Region, resulting in a total of 1,082 positive cases.

That number includes 742 resolved cases and 113 deaths.