Daniel Magda is accused of sexually assaulting two boys.  Magda has already pleaded guilty to several charges, including four counts of making of child pornography and three counts relating to sexual assault. Some charges have been dropped.

However, Magda is pleading not guilty to several other charges including sexual assault and uttering death threats.

Bruce Ritter, Magda's lawyer says "The frequency of the alleged assaults, as well as the time of the alleged assaults, so that's what's very much left an issue in this trial.

The 11-year-old boy sat in another room, as videos of his police interviews were played in court. In the first one, he is visibly upset, crying uncontrollably, denying any wrong doing.

During the video of the second interview, he quickly warms up to the police officer. So when the police officer asks him if anybody touched his body parts,  he spells out the letters D-A-N with his finger.

The boy talks to the officer about what he claims Magda did to him, including touching his penis, adding "Will I get in trouble if I say this?" The officer says no.

Magda was previously convicted in 2007 for sexually assaulting three boys. He was sentenced to two years behind bars, but was released after eight months for good behavior.

A mother of one of the victims from that case sat in the courtroom Wednesday. Debbie Farrow says "he's afraid to say what's happened, it's really hard to see him struggle like that."

By the third interview, the boy reveals how Magda allegedly forced the child to perform sexual acts on several other occasions. Saying "He just told me if you tell anybody what happened, I'll kill your mom and your brother."

And when describing the final alleged incident, he says "It happened in my mom's room and he raped me."

The boy's mother is expected to testify as the trial continues next week.