KITCHENER -- Jamie and Dorine Fischer weren't going to let the COVID-19 pandemic stand in the way of saying their vows.

The couple originally had their wedding date set for June 27 and thought they would have to postpone it like many others.

Instead, they bumped up the date to Easter and pulled off a physical distant backyard ceremony in Kitchener.

Virtual witnesses tuned in to the backyard and typed "we will" in the chat when asked if they would do everything in their power to uphold the marriage.

"We had a lot of friends from Denmark, Texas, and all over tuning in," said Dorine. "I am actually very happy that we could do it this way. There's way more people watching than if we had the regular wedding."

Honking car horns replaced the traditional wedding bells as decorated vehicles paraded down the street together.

"We just want to thank everybody, we love everybody," said Jamie. "Hang in there."

The couple says they thought family and friends could use some good news during the COVID-19 pandemic, which fueled their decision to bump up the date.