KITCHENER -- How to deal with symbols of hate was on the agenda at council meetings in the Region of Waterloo and the municipality of Perth East.

In both Tuesday meetings, the topic landed on the confederate flag being displayed at a private residence and the strong reaction from the community for elected officials to act.

The flag, seen as a symbol of hate because of its use in the civil war by confederate states who fought to keep the institution of slavery, can be seen at a residence in Cambridge.

No vote or discussion happened at the Region of Waterloo council meeting, but staff were asked to investigate if they can ban symbol of hates in the region.

The vote and discussion will happen at a meeting next week.

Another flag seen near Milbank in Perth East prompted a petition for the township to ban the flag and other symbols of hate.

So far, the petition has been signed by over 23.000 people.

Perth East staff recommended to not go ahead with the creation of a bylaw, citing that they lack the legal authority to do so.

Instead, they suggested the author of the petition contact their MP to address this at the federal level.