STRATFORD – More than a year after cannabis became legal in Canada, more people are showing interest in cooking with it.

The Stratford Chef School is seizing the opportunity, giving people the skills to create specifically-dosed edible marijuana recipes.

"One of the most safest and easiest ways to ingest this is through edibles, so we've created a new series as part of our 'How Do I Use That?' to show people in the public how to infuse this product into food," explains Chef Eli

The process begins by infusing cannabis into a fat.

Chef Eli Silverthorne used melted butter and water mixed with the cannabis in a pot.

"What we've done is infused the drug into a fat," Silverthorne explains.

"The drug itself is a fat-soluble drug and needs to be heated up in order to activate the psychoactive effects of THC."

To see how the THC-infused fat turns into a a rich hollandaise sauce or a sweet treat, watch the attached videos.

Note: the two dishes featured in CTV Kitchener's segments did not contain any of the cannabis-infused butter made in the first segment. The Stratford Chef School used a substitute for the demonstration.