Const. Chris Panylo officially left the Guelph Police Service on Monday – seven months after he agreed to resign from the organization.

In July 2011, Panylo stole methadone meant to be entered as evidence and replaced it with water – then overdosed on the methadone.

As part of the investigation into that issue, syringes were found in Panylo’s locker.

He later admitted to regularly injecting himself with steroids while on-duty, and in 2012, pleaded guilty to a criminal charge of theft and several Police Act offences.

Last September, Panylo agreed to resign from the organization – but that resignation didn’t take effect until Saturday, as Ontario’s human rights code allowed for him to take that time to focus on rehabbing addiction issues.

“His focus is on his recovery from his addiction, which has gone remarkably well,” Panylo’s lawyer, Bernard Cummins, told CTV News following a Police Act hearing Monday morning.

For the theft charge, Panylo was sentenced to two years’ probation and a $1,000 fine.

He was never formally sentenced for the Police Act offences, which were stayed as a result of Monday’s hearing.

“We no longer have jurisdiction over the Police Services Act charges, because he’s no longer a police officer,” said Insp. Howard McGarr.

“In the event that Mr. Panylo becomes employed as a police officer within the province of Ontario within five years, we reserve the right to bring the matter back.”

Prior to his resignation, Panylo had been suspended with pay from the Guelph Police Service since July 2011 – earning nearly $230,000 at the rate of a first-class constable during that time.