KITCHENER -- Waterloo residents may have noticed discoloured water coming out of their taps in recent weeks, but the City of Waterloo says there’s no reason to be concerned.

The city says they’ve heard from a number of people who say their water looks a little off.

"Especially being a mom of a two year old, I definitely still have some safety concerns," says Jelena Kisin-Rajlic, who first noticed her tap water looked darker in early July.

This is likely happening due to high temperatures, low rainfall and a change in usage due to COVID-19, according to city officials.

The city says they're receiving the most calls between 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. when water demands are high.

They say that although it might not pose a health risk, residents should wait for it to be clear before drinking.

City officials are checking the interior of homes to elimninate water softener as a source of dirty water.

If water looks or smells different, people are being asked to report it to 519-886-2310.