Prepare for a crawl commuting through southwest Kitchener.

An already-busy intersection will soon have another 5,500 homes built nearby, adding to congestion at Fischer-Hallman and Bleams roads.

Commuters say it can sometimes take five to 10 minutes to go a few kilometres down the road—at that pace, they say it feels less like driving and more like idling.

“The traffic has increased 100 per cent,” nearby resident Marylou estimates. She says when she moved to the area 31 years ago, it was all farmland.

An average of more than 53,000 vehicles went through the intersection each day in 2013, and that number has likely climbed.

Not everyone sees the traffic as a bad thing. Van Nguyen brought her business here for the traffic.

“I was talking to the other businesses here and they were like, ‘It’s an up-and-coming area, the traffic is great,’” she says.

There are plans to manage the traffic in the area, but not for a while.

The city is going to widen the two-lane road to four lanes, doubling the traffic along the corridor to allow traffic to flow better.

That widening is expected to begin in 2021 and can’t come soon enough: future renderings for the area show plans for an increase of 5,500 housing units in the area.

The region will also be adding a multi-use trail and more bus stops along the way.