Personal mail was reportedly stolen from eight community postal boxes in Stratford over the weekend, and residents are being encouraged to keep an eye out and also to protect themselves.

The Stratford Police Service says they responded to a call from the main Canada Post branch on Waterloo Street on Monday regarding damage and theft from numerous mail boxes.

According to police the boxes involved were located on: Kelly's Lane, Eagle Drive, Long Drive, Gregory Crescent, Abraham Crescent, Barron Street, Makins Street and Foreman Avenue.

Canada Post officials told police that the entry to the boxes was ‘professionally' done, and the mail was subsequently removed by unknown suspects.

According to Canada Post this type of theft is an ongoing and recent problem throughout Ontario.

Police are warning citizens to protect themselves and be aware of potential identity theft issues following the recent mail thefts. They also ask people to remove mail daily to prevent further thefts.

If anyone notices anything suspicious or has information regarding these thefts they are asked to contact Stratford police at 519-271-4147.