CAMBRIDGE -- Cambridge Memorial Hospital's COVID-19 assessment centre on Holiday Inn Drive, which had been shuttered for more than a week while officials investigated what was causing staff to feel dizzy and sick, will reopen Tuesday morning.

The testing site was temporary closed after staff noticed an odour and reported feeling unwell, the cause of which remains unknown.

“We were not able to determine the cause or replicate the conditions that may have led to this event,” Trevor Clark, the hospitals vice president of corporate and financial services, said in a release Friday.

The hospital hired an environmental consultant to run tests the week of May 10 to determine the source.

Despite using "specialized equipment" to test for noxious compounds, the source of the odour was not found, the hospital said.

"We believe we left no stone unturned and that the building is safe for both patients and our staff," Clark said. "To err on the side of caution, staff will be provided with personal monitoring devices, specialized equipment will continue to be onsite next week to monitor air quality and our maintenance department will be on-site regularly over the next week to check on things.”

A temporary COVID-19 assessment site was set up with Langs on May 8 to accommodate testing appointments. That location will close Sunday.

There will be no testing scheduled for Monday as staff move back to the original location.

The assessment centre, located at 215 Holiday Inn Dr., will reopen Tuesday, May 18, at 8:30 a.m.

Drive-through appointments will not resume until May 25.