Lawyers have started their closing arguments at the trial of three men accused in the February 2009 murder of Nadia Gehl.

Zdenek ‘Dennis' Zvolensky, Nashat Qahwash and Gehl's husband Ron Cyr have each pleaded not guilty to first degree murder charges in the case.

On Tuesday, the defence lawyers for Qahwash and Zvolensky made their closing remarks.

Adam Newman, the attorney for Qahwash, told the jury that while the case is solid against the other defendants, there's no evidence is client was involved other than Zvolensky's testimony.

He admitted though that Qahwash wasn't blameless, since he bought and loaded the gun used in the killing, but said his client believed it would only be used for robberies.

Newman also said Cyr had the motive to kill his wife, was a calculating liar, gave clearly rehearsed and theatrical testimony and that it was Zvolensky who pulled the trigger.

Meanwhile Zvolensky's attorney, Delmar Doucette, painted a very different picture.

He claims that Qahwash lied on the stand and was the man who pulled the trigger, with Cyr as the mastermind of the murder.

Doucette also asserted that the motive wasn't the insurance money, but the fact that Cyr was a coward who despite having an affair couldn't tell his wife he didn't love her anymore.

Gehl was shot dead while on her way to catch a bus to work near her home in Kitchener.

Crown prosecutors allege Cyr planned the killing and enlisted is friends to carry it out.

Through the course of the trial, all three men have denied involvement in the crime and pointed the finger at each other.

Once closing submissions are complete the judge is expected to instruct the jury before deliberations begin.