BRANTFORD -- The area around Mohawk Lake in Brantford is expected to get a whole new look.

Residents were able to see the city’s plan for the nearly 50 acres of barren land during a council meeting Wednesday night.

The ‘Mohawk Lake District’ outline features ideas for businesses, restaurants, museums, 15 acres of parks, and new homes.

Early plans also include created a promenade along the lake as well as an outdoor event space.

The Landsdowne Children Centre is looking to relocate to a six acre property, along with an Aboriginal health centre.

“How do we not just sell to the highest bidder and forget about all of these great plans?” said Ron Gasparetto, manager of real estate for the city. “We can structure it to advance the Mohawk Lake district goals and objectives and ensure developers who build on this property understand those objectives.”

Since the plans are preliminary, new plans will have to be passed by Brantford City Council.