CAMBRIDGE -- Downtown Galt is decked out in candy canes and garland for a festive film shoot in the heart of Cambridge.

The city said it's looking forward to an economic boost, especially after a slow down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Christmas-themed horror movie started filming in March, but production was shut down due to the pandemic.

Now, storefronts are transformed again and Santa's workshop is even up and running.

"The production is dark Christmas themed, called 'Letters,'" said Cambridge Mayor Kathryn McGarry.

There are around 60 people involved in the production. The city said it's a strictly Canadian cast and crew. City officials said they probably won't see any American productions for a while, since they would need to self-isolate for two weeks if they crossed the border.

"Canadians are already set up because they're here and set up and domestic," McGarry said.

The film industry was allowed to start up again in Stage 2 of the province's reopening plan. Crew members are wearing masks and keeping their distance, and the city is asking onlookers to do the same.

"We're asking the public to avoid gathering and maintain physical distancing if they come to observe," McGarry said.

Cambridge is known for attracting film crews. As productions kick up again, the city said there's an opportunity for the local economy to thrive.

"Good economic recovery strategy," McGarry said. "Filming brings a lot of benefits to the city."

Filming of "Letters" is expected to wrap up this week, but residents can likely expect to see more film sets coming soon.