A child was hospitalized after eating an unconfirmed amount of gummies made with cannabis.

Emergency medical services responded to a home in Woolwich on Wednesday night.

The child was rushed to hospital and is believed to be recovering well, police said.

But the possibility of children consuming cannabis edibles, which sometimes look like candy, is on the force’s radar.

“This is obviously concerning for our organization as we progress through towards the legalization of cannabis,” said executive officer Mike Haffner.

According to a medical toxicologist, symptoms of overexposure to cannabis in youth can include confusion, upset, vomiting, wobbly gait, and difficulties breathing.

While cannabis use is generally accepted as safe for those over the age of 18, studies have shown that its effects can be harmful to ongoing brain development.

The federal government has passed legislation legalizing marijuana, but edible forms of the product will not be made legal anytime soon.