A Kitchener woman who poisoned four children will be released from prison next month, even though the Parole Board of Canada says she still has issues around anger and frustration.

Additionally, the board found that Christine Allen still has trouble explaining why she poisoned the kids. It says a recent psychological assessment found a “problematic” lack of insight into her crimes.

“You are unable to articulate the specific psychological motivations for the violence you perpetrated,” the board’s report reads.

Allen pleaded guilty in 2014 to administering a noxious substance with intent to cause bodily harm, and was sentenced to six years in prison.

She had poisoned four separate children with eye drops – a method she said she learned by watching CSI.

One of the children was the daughter of a woman who described Allen as being “like a sister” to her. Court documents show that the girl was poisoned several times, including once a few hours after her birth.

The girl suffered brain damage. Now four years old, she has trouble speaking and swallowing.

Allen is expected to be released from prison in late July.

Once that happens, her parole conditions will include staying out of Waterloo Region, not having any contact with her victims or their families, not taking any drugs other than prescribed medications, and seeing mental health professionals.

She also can’t be around children without also being accompanied by an adult aware of her history.

According to the parole board’s report, she was moved to a minimum security facility last year, but felt “judged and unwelcomed” there and began to experience anxiety.

“To your benefit, you immediately reached out and asked for help rather than keep to yourself and allow frustration to build,” the report reads.

The parole board also noted that Allen struggles with “anxiety, frustration and anger,” but approaches correctional staff about these issues and is typically “doing much better” than before.

With reporting by Abigail Bimman