KITCHENER -- Two people in Six Nations have tested positive for COVID-19.

Chief Mark Hill made the announcement Sunday during an interview with CKRZ 100.3 FM based in Ohsweken.

Hill says the two people began self-isolating immediately after they began exhibiting symptoms.

UPDATE: Six Nations Police officer tests positive for COVID-19.

Public Health officials are already in contact anyone who may be at risk and arranging for additional tests.

Hill also had some strong words for the community.

“I am also urging all smoke shops to close immediately. As I drove into the radio station today, I just see nothing but people lined up. A congregation of people buying cigarettes. I’d like to question what is more important at this point: the sale of cigarettes and money, or the health and safety of the community?”

He also asked that gas stations suspend all tobacco sales for the time being.

Hill says the community is also taking further action by setting up checkpoints at its entrances and exits.

“This marks a drastic increase in our COVID-19 prevention efforts. It also offers an opportunity for our frontline workers to monitor those entering and exiting our community.”

Barricades started going up Sunday afternoon at Highway 54 between County Road 22 and Painter Road.

Michael Montour, the director of public works for Six Nations, was also on hand for the announcement. He warned that anyone visiting Six Nations for the purpose of shopping for recreation would be turned away at the checkpoints.

Hill finished his statement by sharing some good news. He says Fire Chief Matthew Miller, who has been in self-isolation, tested negative for COVID-19 and has already returned to work.

You can watch Hill's full statement here.