KITCHENER -- UPDATE: The CTV Kitchener Falcon Cam has ended for the season. Stay tuned next year to see if the falcons return.

If you've been watching CTV Kitchener for a while, you may remember our feathered friends who sometimes nest in the microwave tower above the station.

Last year we streamed the birds live 24/7 on the CTV Falcon Cam. This year, because of network demands in the face of the global pandemic, we started a little bit later than usual, but we werepleased to be able to stream the falcons for our viewers once again.

We first reported on the peregrine falcons when they arrived in 2013, and since, they have returned almost every year to their high vantage point above mid-town Kitchener.

This year, the Canadian Peregrine Foundation says the returning birds are likely the same as those from the year before, though they can't be 100 per cent sure.

A spokesperson for the Canadian Peregrine Foundation said last year that they think Mystery, the female bird, has returned because she knows the area, and because peregrine falcons claim territory.

This year, the falcons laid another four eggs. Three of those eggs hatched: Hope, named by CTV Kitchener, Artemis and Casey.