A 1-year-old boy has second-degree burns to his feet after he stepped on a metal grate at a Georgetown splash pad.

Now the city of Kitchener is taking steps to prevent a similar incident.

Officials have fenced off a metal grate at Victoria Park so children don’t step on it while playing at the nearby splash pad.

It’s one of two grates in the city. The second grate is under the shade of a tree.

Michael Wigzell, the supervisor of facilities management in Kitchener, says the fence is only a temporary solution. A permanent plan is being discussed.

“We’re looking at the possibility of adhering some AstroTurf to the metal grate so that will blend into the scenery as well as mitigate any problems.”

A grate at the Lions Lagoon splash pad in Waterloo is also carpeted.

Concerns have also been raised about the new stainless steel slides at Victoria Park.

Lilly Rideout, who plays in the park, says the slide gets really hot. “If you’re wearing shorts they kind of hurt.”

The slides were installed as part of a $300,000 playground facelift to prevent vandalism.

No injuries have been reported.