A small community outside of Stratford has been rocked by tragedy following a crash Tuesday that left two children dead and several people hurt.

First responders were called to the intersection of Perth Line 26 and Perth Road 122 shortly before 6:00 p.m. for a collision between and minivan and a sports utility vehicle (SUV).

Police say there were six people inside one of the vehicles and two of them were pronounced dead at the scene.

They were identified as ten-year-old Heeyul Son of Cambridge, and two-year-old Daniel Nadon of Kitchener.

Police said three others from that same vehicle were taken to hospital in life-threatening condition and another person was taken to hospital in life-threatening but stable condition. The driver of the other vehicle was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Police are still investigating, but say the roads meet at a two-way, stop sign controlled intersection.

CTV Kitchener reached out to the Township of Perth South and asked if there was ever a conversation had about making the intersection a four way stop or adding a light, and they said no. They did note however that those are conversations they have had following the serious crash.

“In my lifetime there’s been four people up there that of been killed. There’s just so many accidents up there I can’t count them. Now it’s just constant,” said local resident Neil Courtland.

The mayor of Perth South says the township is devastated by the news and is waiting for the OPP to finish their investigation to discuss the future of the intersection.

Provincial Police have not yet released the cause of the crash and there is no word yet on any charges.