FERGUS -- An Amazon delivery driver was caught on security camera stealing someone's package from their porch.

Fergus resident Lori Turner said she got a notification that her Amazon package had arrived last week, but it wasn't there when she went to retrieve it.

She checked her newly installed security camera and saw the driver who dropped off the package pick it up and walk away.

"I couldn't believe it," Turner said. "You hear about things going missing and you expect it to be random people, not your actual delivery driver. But, I was very grateful to have the camera to get to the bottom of it."

In an emailed statement to CTV Kitchener, a spokesperson for Amazon said the company is "investigating the issue."

Here are some tips from the OPP on how to prevent parcel thefts:

  • Shop locally and use in-store pickup services
  • Track deliveries
  • Request a signature at time of delivery
  • Leave instructions to conceal and secure deliveries
  • Have someone else receive your package
  • Have packages delivered to your workplace or where you will be during the day
  • Pick up packages at delivery service depots
  • Customize delivery instructions
  • Use a security system to monitor your home for drop-offs
  • Call police if you see anything suspicious