Both the Catholic and public school boards reviewed their budgets for 2020 on Monday night.

Trustees with the Waterloo Region District School Board decided to defer their decision on the budget until Wednesday.

A recommendation was put forward to approve the budget as it was presented, with revenues well over $775 million and expenses of approximately $765 million.

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board, meanwhile, will vote on their $299.9 million budget next Monday.

Trustees say government policy changes involving larger class sizes, a reduction in pupil funding and the cancellation of the local priorities fund led to an overall reduction of $10 million.

Some of the strategies the board used to balance their budget included the reduction of support staff and academic staff and a reduction in the school and maintenance budget.

They’ll also defer purchases of laptops, Chromebooks, vehicles, furniture and custodial equipment.

The school board says enrolment continues to grow at record rates with a projected 3.3% increase from 2018-2019.