KITCHENER -- Canada's Outdoor Farm Show will have a new, digital location this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show, scheduled for the fall, has launched a digital event for agricultural companies and farmers in the province.

Show organizers say that, while the show is online, it will still offer interactive content showing off equipment and technology in the field.

“Farming is essential to the world and learning about new farming innovation and technology is essential to farmers,” President Doug Wagner said in a news release. “The cancellation of all these events due to the COVID-19 pandemic leaves a gap in farmers learning about the latest research, seeing new products in the market and hearing about what their peers have been up to on their farms."

The show, rebranded as Canada's Digital Farm Show, will offer crop plot tours, equipment demonstrations, dairy and livestock animations and an exhibitor showcase with hundreds of agriculture companies. The innovation showcase will have a new Digital Innovations category in honour of the show moving online.

The digital show is scheduled for Sept. 15 to 18 and is free for participating farmers.