KITCHENER -- With some residents setting off fireworks in celebration of Canada Day, officials say crews in Guelph responded to several firework-related fires over the course of the holiday.

Guelph police say that fireworks were responsible for numerous small fires at several different locations, which could have been far more serious.

No one was injured as a result of the fires.

Police are reminding residents to keep the following safety guidelines in mind when setting off fireworks:

  • Store fireworks in a cool, dry place
  • Only use fireworks outdoors, in open areas away from buildings, dry grass, and trees
  • Do not use fireworks in high winds
  • Keep the audience at least 40 feet away from the discharging area
  • Keep an extinguisher or water nearby, like a garden hose or bucket
  • Light one firework at a time
  • Get permission from the City before discharging fireworks on City property, including parks
  • Put used or extinguished fireworks in a bucket of water immediately after use. Soak them overnight, drain the water and put the used fireworks in the garbage
  • Keep pets safe indoors during fireworks

Fireworks are permitted in the City of Guelph the day before and the day of Victoria Day, the day before and day of Canada Day, Diwali, other religious events approved by the fire department or an event specifically permitted by the fire chief.

The city also held one of the few organized fireworks displays in the area to mark Canada Day.

Some residents gathered at the Mustang Drive-in to take in the three minute-long light show from their inside of their vehicles.