There was a large turnout at Cambridge City Hall Wednesday night for a public seminar addressing community issues surrounding homelessness and addiction challenges.

“It’s all over social media. Everyone has a different view as to what the issues are downtown, and a lot are stemming from drug use and homelessness. I want to see where things are going,” said Cambridge resident Lee Sperduti.

The seminar was hosted by For A Better Cambridge, a grassroots organization hoping to provide clarity and offer a way forward for residents.

The event focused on several key issues including; a lack of social services, homelessness, a supervised consumption site, and safety concerns.

“This is the work going forward that will be our biggest challenge here in the city, but out greatest opportunity to make an impact,” said Cambridge Mayor Elect Kathryn McGarry.

The event included a panel of speakers from five front-line organizations.

Members from the Self-Help Food Bank, the Shelter Corps, and the House of Friendship were among the speakers.

A question and answer period also gave residents the change to voice their concerns.

“We really need to make sure that we have a place where everyone feels safe, that they can go to where they’re comfortable and can get the services they deserve. In the long run you’ll see people in the community come on board and those services will be recognized as a solution to the problem,” said Sperduti.

The goal of the seminar is to start taking steps towards searching for a solution to create a cleaner downtown core.