KITCHENER -- The Pumpkin Queen of Cambridge has taken her talents down Hwy. 401 for a drive-thru display.

The decision was made by Kara Klypycz in an effort to keep the usual large crowd that gathers to see her pumpkin carvings spread out and safe.

“I reached out to Pumpkins After Dark, which is a drive-thru event in Milton that’s happening, and offered to help out anyway I could,” she said. “They have me the opportunity to do live carvings, which is my thing.”

Klypycz has already chiseled her way through more than 100 pumpkins and has been able to keep the public safe while keeping the spirit of Halloween alive.

“It’s just a dream come true,” she said. “It was something I could keep going with what I’m doing and still be me.”

The Pumpkin Queen advises those making their own jack-o-lanterns to start by carving out the inside of the pumpkin really well before planning their design.

“I enlarge some of the patterns that I print from the internet, and then use a transfer paper to place on the pumpkin and trace over it so the image will stay,” said Klypycz. “You can tape it on, you can punch holes, and the go slow for the carving.”

The displays will be up at the Pumpkins After Dark drive thru until the first week of November. Klypycz will also be doing live carvings at TheMuseum on Halloween.